Meet our Staff

Clinic Coordinators: 

Gurpreet Bharaj: Gurpreet is the clinical coordinator for IAMACF. Preet as she commonly goes by, is currently finishing up her fourth year of medical school, completing her clinical rotations at various Chicagoland hospitals. She interacts with patients as they enter the clinic, manages appointments, takes phone calls, assigns patients, and more. Gurpreet always goes above and beyond for the clinic and its patients; she tries her best to make the clinic a warm and welcoming environment. Thanks to Gurpreet, the clinic has been running more efficiently and been able to provide the standard of care that our patients deserve. 

Faiza Suleiman: Faiza is our clinical coordinator for Wednesdays. She is a dependable member of the clinic. Faiza is aspiring to go to medical school, she is currently preparing her application in addition to being a member of the clinic staff. As a future provider, she hopes to serve underserved communities similar to the patients we see at this clinic.

Pharmacy Technician:

Eva Trujilo: A clinic pharmacy technician, she has been working as a pharmacy technician for eight years, five years as retail, three years inpatient. She is currently working at St. Alexius Hospital. She joined our free health clinic in the summer of 2018 and has worked with us on Wednesdays and on weekends when needed. Eva also helps us translate for our Spanish speaking patients. 

Parul Shah: Parul originally started at the clinic as a phlebotomist in 2006, later she became a certified pharmacy technician. Parul comes in on the weekends when needed and helps in training new pharmacy technicians. Her full-time position is a life insurance sales-woman at New York Life Insurance.  

Om Pradhan: Om started volunteering at the clinic as a pharmacy technician in August of 2018, looking for a chance to gain experience.  She would assist the other pharmacy technicians in filling medication orders and stocking the pharmacy. Om adapted quickly and has been able to help provide coverage for the clinic on days when the clinic is short staffed for a pharmacy technician. She now works full time as a pharmacy technician during the week. She has always found ways to help everyone around her.


Massacilia Chobou: Massacilia has been one of the most joyful and uplifting members of the clinic staff.  Starting back in November of 2017, she has been a regular phlebotomist at the clinic. In her home country of Algeria, she used to work as an Intensive Care Unit nurse and she brings that same knowledge and work ethic to the clinic every time she works. Massacilia is one of the more diverse staff members, able to speak French and Arabic in addition to English. 

Altamush Jindani: Atlamush, or AJ, has been able to use the clinic as a foundation to grow his career. AJ started working at the clinic in early 2017 while he was enrolled in nursing school at Robert Morris University. Working at IAMACF, AJ has been able to hone his skills in drawing and processing blood.  In September of 2018 AJ passed his NCLEX examination and started working at Swedish Hospital as a full time nurse on the med-surg floor, while continually supporting IAMACF on the weekends.

Gloria Vargas: Gloria has been a phlebotomist at the clinic for over ten years. She also works full-time as a certified medical assistant at UIC. She is very diligent and has helped train our other phlebotomists. When needed she also provides interpretation for our Spanish speaking patients. You can always find her walking in with a great attitude! 


Wilmer Gonzales: Wilmer helps with the maintenance of the clinic. He assures a safe and cleanly atmosphere for the patients. Wilmer has been very dedicated in his work throughout his time at the clinic. He puts in his greatest effort and shows his commitment. Wilmer is vital to the operation of the clinic.